My Fitness Journey

Little less than three weeks until show time!!
This being the first time committing to this type of show I was not fully prepared for the hard work and dedication that is necessary to achieve this goal I set for myself!
Some days have been tough I have shed tears and I have laughed at myself,…maybe thats part menopause too, not sure lol! 🙂
Honestly there have been moments my thoughts have been give it up, eat that friggin Starbucks pumpkin spice muffin(one of my favourite things this time of yearLOL),what are you doing, this is hard, its time consuming,your too old (52), my body shape is not good enough, the negative self talk that kept me from doing this in my 30’s!!
But when I take a moment and revisit my goals, and think about how far I have come from two years ago mentally,.. I can now tell myself your never too old, I am not weak,… I am strong, I am not without discipline,…. I am disciplined, I am beautiful, I am unique, I am me and as hard as this process may seem I can and will do this!!
It may be difficult but it has taught me that I am stronger than I had imagined!!
These coming three weeks will be most difficult as the food menu changes to get to the body fat percentage desired and the workouts are heavy, never mind the posing and walking practice in those 4 inch heels I have never worn in my life, and believe me at the moment its not graceful by any means but I am up for the challenge!
Amongst all this working out and food prep and posing, an opportunity came up to model for a charity event, so I jump at the chance to get some practice wearing those heels and being up on stage with everyone starring at you,..yes this kind of scares me… but this whole process is also about facing fears, overcoming them and building confidence! I am proud of my progress and still have work to do but I understand that
Believing in yourself is half the battle!
If I can do this so can you!!
I am posting this in hopes of inspiring women,…. even if it is only one to follow your dreams you are never to old and it is never to late, don’t worry about what others think or say it doesn’t matter!
I am not perfect but I am me!!
Pics above of progress and of course the first ones I am a bit embarrassed about but when I see them all together with the pics from last week (Nov. 1/16) it gives me a sense of accomplishment!!
My Journey is my own!!

The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau!

weight Have you ever felt like the scale feels like your enemy?
Well …know that you are not alone in your frustration. Even the most elite athletes have experienced this at some point.


What a great feeling, have worked hard to improve your nutrition and exercise habits,…..your reaping the rewards,…watching your weight go down and feeling better!!

Then all of a sudden for no apparent reason that you can identify, the scale stops moving even despite your healthy low calorie nutrition and regular exercise!


As some of you may know this can last for weeks and be very , very discouraging! Don’t give up!!

A common mistake people will make is, oh I should cut back more on my calorie intake, and perhaps maybe workout harder!!

This can actually be worse because the body will fight “tooth and nail” to maintain an energy balance!

First,.. I would like to explain “ why does it happen” without getting to technical. Then I will give you some suggestions on how to break through it!

The cause of a weight loss plateau is due to the drastic changes your body experiences when you first start working out and eating healthy! The weight loss you are experiencing is because you are cutting calories!!

Your body gets its needed energy by releasing its stores of Glycogen! Glycogen is partly made up of water, so when you burn Glycogen for energy water is released and the result is weight loss that is mostly water weight.
This rapid weight loss is temporary and as you lose weight you are also losing muscle along with fat.

Having lean muscle helps keeps the rate at which you burn calories(metabolism) up.
As you lose weight you metabolism decline causing you to burn fewer calories than you did at a heavier weight.

Your slow metabolism will slow your weight loss, even if you eat the same number of calories that helped you lose weight in the first place.
When the calories you burn equal the calories you eat, you reach a PLATEAU!
It is important to remember that while you may not be losing weight and you are sticking to your healthy nutrition and workouts you should still be experiencing positive changes to your body like smaller waist, more toned stomach, stronger arms and more.

Here are a few suggestions to jump start your losing streak!

First of all stay away from the scale! Our weight can fluctuate so much from day to day and if you are weighing yourself daily you are only going to drive yourself crazy and possibly give up!
Are you tracking your calorie intake?
I know this is time consuming and tedious but it is proven again and again by research!
You need to re-evaluate the calories in because the amount you are consuming is calculated at your old weight! Now you have to take your new weight and recalculate the totals to get the amount of calories you should be consuming now.
Remember never allow your daily calorie allowances to go below 1200 for female and 1500 for males .

Falling below this allowances can do real damage to your metabolism and result in excessive loss of lean muscle tissue.

So #1 You can change your calories in
#2 Change your workout.

You may n to realize it but your body will adapt to the exercise you are doing.
Example if you run 1mile the very first time it is probably going to be rough. By the 40th time you run that 1mile it going to be easy right???

As you get used to the exercise it becomes less challenging and as a result less effective. That is why it is important to mix it up!
Try something new,…Maybe you secretly want to take pole dancing classes 🙂 hey no judging!
Or get outside and do some hiking or bike riding.
Or if you haven’t taken up weight training now is a good time to start it will increase muscle mass and help you burn more calories.
If you already do weight train then change what you are doing, maybe one week do less weight and more reps and the next week do more weight and less reps.

To sum up remember don’t focus on the scale,
go by how your clothes fit,
keep monthly measurements, and we are always going to come back to the simple rule


If your calories in exceed your calories out you are not going to lose weight.
One last piece of inspiration!!